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Reinforced high density polyethylene pipes (pipe diameterф50mm~ф315mm)

Reinforced high density polyethylene pipes  (pipe diameterф50mm~ф315mm)

The high density polyethylene pipe (reinforced HDPE pipe) developed by our company is the national patent products. It adopts advanced light-machine-electricity integration technology of frequency control and optical wave thickness online measuring, and strict processing craft. The tube wall combined high density polyethylene resin with high strength reinforcement materials. Its complementary performance makes pipes are not only weight light, anti-corrosion, smooth like plastic pipe, but also have high anti-pressure ability of steel pipe. It is the upgrade of ordinary plastic pipe. It can be widely used in many fields such as municipal engineering, urban and rural water supply, farmland irrigation, water-saving irrigation, pressure pipeline and chemical fluid transportation. There is also potential usage value in the field of gas transmission and oil transfer.

Specification:Φ50—Φ315mm        Length:4 m—8 m

Pressure:0.6 Mpa—4.0 Mpa